You can now watch the videos of the presentations of ELC4 here.


List of presentations

Bemposta Rivas, Sofía. “A corpus-driven study of dared in Middle English and Early Modern English”

Bernez, Célia. “Grammar or color terms in the French language”

Blanco García, Cristina. “Ephemerality in concessive subordinators. Evidence from the history of English”

Bouzada Jabois, Carla. “(With this author) Investigating free adjuncts and absolutes, this paper tackles their evolution in the recent history of English”

Callegari, Elena. “Restrictiveness and its importance for D-linking”

Fernández Pena, Yolanda. “Verbal agreement with collectives taking of-dependents: Syntactic and structural complexity as determinant factors”

Gamallo Mesías, Noelia, Isabel Fraga Carou, Montserrat Comesaña, Isabel Padrón and Ana Paula Soares. “Affective valence and mood states play a role in the likelihood of experiencing a tip-of-the-tongue (TOT) state”

Gandón Chapela, Evelyn. “‘We cou’d not fail of learning the Latin language, as well as we do the Modern Languages’: An empirical study of Post-Auxiliary Ellipsis in Late Modern English”

Gonçalves, Rita, Alexandra Reis, Roelien Bastiaanse and Vânia de Aguiar. “Study of the correlation between working memory and discourse processing”

Kirsten Torrado, Úrsula. “Spelling-to-sound examples on Twitter”

Kratochvílová, Dana. “Grey zones in the Spanish modality: Where various types of modality meet”

Mammadova, Tamilla. “How is grammar presented in modern textbooks? What can we learn from this?”

Márquez Caamaño, Paula. “Interactivity and opportunism in agreement operations: An experimental study on the production of subject-verb agreement in English and Spanish”

Miani, Alessandro. “Music and language: Structural and neuroanatomical investigation on twins separated at birth”

Muñoz Ramal, Marta. “Evaluative language, women and advertising: The construction for women’s gender identity”

Pascual, Mariana. “Coming to terms with a traumatic past: Social actors in the Argentine media”

Pérez González, Alba. “Looking into extender tags in Late Modern English: The case of or something or other”

Petykó, Márton. “‘I know you’re a troll’: Why do certain participants of Hungarian political blogs identify other participants as internet trolls?”

Rosso Carrasco, Miguel. “Illocutionary effects from a Relevance-Theoretic perspective: An incompatible or possible account?”

Sánchez Fajardo, Jose A. “The influence of American English in Colonial and Neo-Colonial Spanish in Cuba: A historical overview”

Sánchez Ruiz, Raquel. “Euphemism and dysphemism in George Ridpath’s political writings (1710-1713)”

Santos, Idília. “Unconventional lexical meaning construction in a French fictional narrative discourse”

Sobczak, Anna. “Differences and similarities in the use of colour terms in diverse languages: The case of Polish and Hungarian”

Tamaredo Meira, Iván. “The conventionalization of performance preferences: Pronoun omission in Indian English and Singapore English”

Valente, Daniela, Montserrat Comesaña, Séverine Casalis, Ana Paula Soares and Anabela Rato. “Does phonological overlap of cognate words hamper cognate acquisition and processing in developing readers? A study with two learning methods”

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ELC4 Conference: Videos

You can now watch the videos of the presentations of ELC4 here.


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We are now inviting contributions for publication in the ELC4/ASYRAS 2015 peer-reviewed volume (most probably to be published with Peter Lang). Those interested...